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PDF Forms and Documents

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User Guides

E911 Deployment Guide
This document describes, in a step by step manner, the procedure you follow to deploy E911 services on the system.

OSS Networking Modes
This document describes the various networking modes of the OSS.

How to create tracks for the phone system.
Describes in detail how to create both a)directly recorded and b) synthesized audio tracks for use in the phone system.

An overview of the web applications for the phone system.
Provides URLs and an overview of the web apps for both standard and admin users of the system.

Deploying the GS Wave Softphone
The GS Wave softphone is available on both Android and IOS platforms and is free. Its very easy to deploy via the use of QR codes. This note describes how to set one up on the Bluestone PBX.

FMFM Users Guide
An easy to read guide on configuring Find Me Follow Me (FMFM). The guide covers simple configuratons for every day use, through to using FMFM to implement support groups. The guide also covers error messages you might get and how to fix them.

FAX service cheat sheet
The essentials of setting up FAX service

How to set up a fallback phone
A note that walks through the simple process of setting up a cell or landline phone to act as a fallback for incoming calls should your internet connection fail.

Cheat sheet for deploying Polycom phones
The essentials of deploying both Soundpoint and VVX phones on the system

Using TLS for the Installation of Remote Phones
A how to guide on using TLS to simplify the installation of Polycom VVX, Yealink, Grandstream and Zoiper phones

Yealink DECT phones
A note on the support for Yealink W56P phones

Creating Multi-Line Yealink Phones
Having multiple extensions on the same phone provides a means of having multiple identities. For example if you want to:
  • Make calls with different outbound caller IDs to service different parts of the country and then have people returning these calls ring different lines on your phone.
  • Support two or more different companies from the same location.
  • Have one line for private calls and another for public.
  • Etc ...
This note shows you how its done.

A listing of all the *4XX services
A list of the *4XX services that allow you to access voicemail, join a conference call etc.

The voice mail user guide
An overview on how to use and configure your voice mail box.

Installation of Public Address Speaker
An overview on how to install the Cyberdata SIP PA Speaker for use in warehousing, showrooms etc for paging and public address services.

A Discussion of Bluestone's Hybrid Deployment Approach
A discussion of the pro and cons of contemporary deployment techniques and how the hyrid approach is able to overcome their limitations.

Forms and Agreements

E911 Service Request Form
Complete this form and submit it to our office to enable E911 on your account

Privacy Policy
The company's privacy policy

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