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User Guide the MyPhone4 Mobile App


This help file overviews the MyPhone4 app, that is available on both the Google Play and Apple Apps Store, just search for MyPhone4.

Although the majority of the app is self explanatory there are areas where further explanation is required. This note is organized along the same lines as the tabs in the app, which are:

  • CDR (Call Detail Records)
  • Playback (Call Recordings Playback)
  • FMFM (Find Me Follow Me)
  • Dial (Via the PBX)
  • SetUp


Having installed the app from either the App or Play store described above, do this:

  • When you first start the app you will only see the Setup tab along with the dialog box on the right. Just click "OK" and fill your account info and press the "Save" button.
  • If there is an error in your account info then you will see this dialog box again.
  • If your credentials authenticate corectly then you will see 5 tabs and the CDR listing. This is described below.


The CDR listing is the default page shown when you start the app. You can scroll up and down through the list to review your calls. Any call with a green star is recorded and can be replayed by tapping that row. When you do this then you will be transitioned to the replay tab, which is discussed below, but in summary allows you to do the following:

  • Get further details on a call
  • Replay a recording
  • Search records by various parameters

CDR Search

Tapping Date (Srch) title bar at the top of the page will bring up the search menu. The source and destination phone numbers can be any regular expression, or simply a literal. For example:

RegExp Comment
[0:9] Match anything that has at least one digit in it somewhere
8005551212 Match the literal 800-555-1212
^518 Match anything that starts with 518
6800$ Match anything that endss with 6800


This screen does the following:

  • Displays the details on the selected call
  • Replay any recording associated with the call.

Pressing the Play button on the right hand side will cause a progress bar and time meter to be displayed.

  • You can Pause the call at any time.
  • You can use the Progress Bar to slide back and forth to different parts of the recording
  • You can navigate away from this page and then return without affecting the playback settings or displayed information.


This screen allows you to:

  • See the details on how you have FMFM configured
  • Change the active FMFM in use.

Assume that FMFM1 is active (as illustrated by the red border around FMFM1) but you are about to go into a meeting and don't want calls coming to your phone. Press the FMFM0 button, to turn off FMFM, and give the system ten seconds or so to make the changes. You will then see FMFM0 marked as active and calls will no longer be forwared to your cell. After the meeting you can change it back to FMFM1.

Changing the FMFM configuration

If you want to change the FMFM configuration itself, rather then select which one is active then use the MyPhone app which can be accessed here:


This screen allows you to:

  • Dial via the corporate PBX
    • You can directly access internal extensions without going via the IVR etc.
    • The call will be recorded (if enabled for your account).
    • The call will have the corporate called ID, not that of your cell phone.
    • International calls will cost a lot less than if made directly from your cell.
  • Access you phone's contacts for fast dialing.
To dial either:
  • Enter the number directly in to the text box or
  • Press the "Contacts" button, and select the contact you want to dial.
After pressing "Dial" there will be a delay of a few seconds (depends on you cell connection) and then the following will happen:
  • Your phone will ring. This is the PBX calling your cell for the initial part of the connection.
  • The PBX will now call the number you entered and you will hear the ring tone.
  • The callee answers and the call proceeds as normal but is going via the corporate PBX.

Selecting Contacts

After pressing the contacts button and selecting the contact you want, a list of contacts will appear in the window. These contacts will be identified as the usual "Home", "Office" etc. Tap the one you want to use and it will copied into the Dial text box.