Bluestone Telecom

The only phone system you will ever need.

Customer Testamonials

The Bluestone experience is by far the best phone system I have ever used. You can only appreciate it by getting a demonstration. The features are wonderful:
  • Best voice quality on the market.
  • E911 features like text notification of 911 being dialed with link to join the live call.
  • Voice directory, just say; “Call Jack at Acme” or “Give me Mike”
  • True hybrid technology (on-site appliance and cloud replication for always up, always best quality available
  • Unlimited simultaneous phone calls.
There are numerous additional amazing features. This phone system is a must for all companies.

Allan Robison, President

We've been using Bluestone for our office phone lines for some time now and have been very pleased. Half of our phones are used in an outbound call center so we're very heavy users and tend to stretch the capabilities of most phone systems. Prior to Bluestone we used another well known national provider with terrible luck. Call quality in our new location was poor and customer service was non-existent in trying to resolve it. Once we switched to Bluestone all that changed. Any issues encountered with Bluestone are resolved within moments.
If you're trying to decide between Bluestone and another carrier, we highly recommend Bluestone and in fact, we already have recommended them to several other companies. The product is solid,customer service is great, and we've found them to be flexible and attentive.

Alex Pelli, Prospect Genius COO

We were seeking a full service web hosted VoIP supplier to provide service to our multiple office locations across the country. After evaluating several different vendors and going through an RFP process, BlueStone was hands down the BEST. They had all of the services we required and were extremely helpful and professional before, during and after the RFP process.

Neil O'Connell, TotalTrax, Inc., COO

Faced with an upcoming move Cardinal needed to make a decision on phone service in the new facility. After running the numbers we discovered that we could save 60%+ of our current phone costs and have a better service with Bluestone. One that allowed our remote employees to better work from home for example. We make many international calls and as well as being competitively priced, the call quality has been crystal clear. Moving to Bluestone was a great decision for our company.

Jim Magos (COO)