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Bluestone introduces a completely new approach to VoIP

If you are REALLY tired of poor voice quality and intermittent service, check out our solution that takes a radically new approach to the deployment of enterprise VoIP solutions. We have developed a new "hybrid" approach that combines the best of the on-site and cloud based solutions that dominate the market today - both of which come with performance compromises you can read more about here. The short slide show below overviews some of the key attributes of the hybrid approach.


Easy to install

  • Our hybrid "on-site-server + cloud" approach has numerous advantages over the traditional cloud or on premise based approaches.
  • Traditionally failure of either the server of the WAN connection will result in calls going unanswered.
  • Bluestone has circumvented these problems with the introduction of new technology (patent pending).

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Easy to customize

  • Uses cell library of macro functions 
  • Cells are placed on a grid where they can be assigned values
  • Example cells include:
    • Call monitor
    • Blacklist a number(s)
    • Menu select
    • Date/Time call router
    • Get entered digits
    • Play a track
    • and many more ...

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Rich feature set

  • Fully supports BLF on Polycom, Yealink and Grandstream.
  • Call recording and annotation
  • Conference bridges

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